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Melcombe Primary School

The Teaching and Learning Model

For the past decade, the staff at Melcombe have investigated and experimented with the concept of how pupils best learn.

We identified many aspects of experts in brain based learning (also called Accelerated Learning) and visible learning which could be incorporated into a teaching and learning model.

All lessons at Melcombe are now taught using this model:

Pupils will only learn when they are in the right frame of mind. Staff ensure that all pupils are ready to learn before they begin the lesson. Lessons then start with the pupils discussing their previous learning, where the key concepts will be looked at from the lesson before, to help spark their memory as well as retain this knowledge. They are then given an opportunity to connect this to their current learning, which then leads onto explaining the learning objective for the lesson.

The pupils then discuss why they are learning a particular skill/content as this helps them understand that what they are taught has a purpose, which makes it more meaningful. Teachers then show the pupils how the lesson fits in to the “big picture”, which is a mind map of all the skills they are learning in the half term. They use this to make connections with their learning and it also exposes the pupils to all they will learn by the end of the unit. The success criteria is then shared which are clear steps/skills needed to complete the task and be successful in the lesson.

After teaching the skill and modelling the task, the teacher will state the Key Teaching Point, which is the most important point that the pupils should remember when completing the task. This reminder will help the pupils know what they have to focus on, in order to be successful.

The pupils then complete the task using the success criteria the teacher had previously identified. Sometimes the success criteria is generated as a whole class. The adults and pupils constantly refer this to throughout the lesson.

At the end of the task the pupils use the success criteria to assess their work and the teacher then uses the plenary to identify where the pupils need to go next in order to improve.