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Melcombe Primary School

Apply for Melcombe Nursery

Children are admitted to the Melcombe Nursery in the term after their third birthday. Applications for admission to the nurseries will not be accepted before a child’s second birthday.

Applications for nursery places at Melcombe can be made online by completing the Melcombe Nursery Online Application Form.

Paper application forms are available on request from the school office.

All three and four year olds are entitled to 15 hours of free early education a week (Universal Entitlement) for 38 weeks a year. Eligible working families are now also entitled to an additional 15 hours (Extended Entitlement) making 30 hours in total. Parents and carers can check whether they are entitled to the additional 15 hours by visiting

Nursery places for the Universal 15 hours’ free early education are for mornings only, Monday to Friday.

Parents of children who are entitled to 15 hours of morning childcare per week may enquire at the school or nursery office regarding current availability of additional hours of afternoon childcare to purchase for their child.

Printed application forms are available from the school office.

The nursery follows the admissions criteria set by the local authority.

The nurseries follow the guidance from the Department for Education set out in the following documents:

Early education and childcare: 
Statutory guidance for local authorities June 2018

Early years entitlements: 
Operational guidance for local authorities and providers June 2018

The Head Teacher makes all decisions regarding nursery admissions. All reasons will remain confidential.

A place in a Thames Federation nursery does not automatically guarantee a place in the Melcombe Primary School Reception.